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make 3.82 on interix

From: Markus Duft
Subject: make 3.82 on interix
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2011 08:24:33 +0100
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I just tried updating to make-3.82 (from 3.81), and it turned out, that i have 
a build related problem: uintmax_t is defined in stdint.h here, and not in 
inttypes.h. configure does seem to check stdint.h too, but make.h does not 
include it. Additionally, to complicate things, inttypes.h _is_ there, but 
seemingly broken, so it does not define the type.

attached patch fixed the problem for me, although i'm not sure about random 
platform breakage ;) i do apply the patch on multiple platforms now, but i have 
no feedback yet.

any comments on the patch? can you apply it?

Thanks in advance,
Regards, markus

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