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Make Error - trouble shooting

From: 허성삼
Subject: Make Error - trouble shooting
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2011 14:58:32 +0900

Hello, GNU-Make


This is James Hur from Korea, I’ve been tried to solve specific problem as follow and I got the answer through the googling.

-       Problem : When I run make with Makefile, I got error message as : Makefile:1458:mixed implicit and normal rules. Stop

-       And I found the answer by this web-page : http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-software-2/error-mixed-implicit-and-normal-rules-while-trying-to-build-busybox-826795/

-       He had same problem and fixed it up.

-       However I got trouble still due to don’t know how to change the code.

-       Maybe I get the source code of make utility from gnu.org and should try to change the source code, could you let me know the way how to fix it up? Pls.


For your reference, below are my developing environment :

-       System : Notebook, Centrino Duo core and 200G HDD, 1G RAM

-       OS : Linux Fedora 14, (

-       Make version : 3.82

In addition, I had no error under above kernel version, but only occur the error with kernel version : 2.6.21


Thanks in advanced

James Hur


James Hur 허 성 삼(許盛森)

()옴니시스템 기술연구소 책임연구원

OMNI System R&D Center

Senior Research Engineer

Tel : 070-4169-8683(Direct)

C.P : 010-8909-3279


Fax : 02-461-8752

Email : address@hidden




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