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Re: Possible problem / misunderstanding in make manual

From: Paul Smith
Subject: Re: Possible problem / misunderstanding in make manual
Date: Sun, 15 May 2011 11:23:38 -0400

On Thu, 2011-05-12 at 14:20 +0200, Julien Palard wrote:
> 2011/5/12 Paul Smith <address@hidden>
>         That's because the online manual describes the latest released version
>         of GNU make (3.82) but your system is using an older version where 
> this
>         feature is not supported.
> Oh so easy ... and the version is wrote in the first page of the
> online version ( i missed it ) , perhaps it should be written more
> often like in the header or footer of pages ?

The template of the HTML output is a standard one provided by the FSF so
I don't really have control over the headers and footers.  That's a good
idea though.

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