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Re: "make multiple target patterns": make doesn't tell what these patter

From: Folkert van Heusden
Subject: Re: "make multiple target patterns": make doesn't tell what these patterns are
Date: Tue, 17 May 2011 14:42:03 +0200

Hi Paul,

>> When there's something going wrong in the makefile causing a "make
>> multiple target patterns", make doesn't tell you what these multiple
>> targets are.
>> That is inconvenient when working with e.g. scriptfiles that select targets.
>> Also -d doesn't give this output.
> I grepped the entire GNU make source code for the message "make multiple
> target patterns" and didn't find it.

If you'll grep for "multiple target patterns", you will find it.
At least in make 3.81 in debian stable.

> Can you be more specific about the problem?  A small simple makefile
> that illustrates it, along with the command you invoked, the output you
> got (all cut/pasted please) and why you feel this output is wrong or
> insufficient would be best.

mytargets = $(shell echo this is an: example)

all : $(mytargets)
        echo test

address@hidden:~/test$ make
Makefile:3: *** multiple target patterns.  Stop.

Now with this simple example it is easy to spot the problem, but with
more complex situations where all kinds of scripts are invoked which
eventually produce that dependency-list, it can be complicated.
So it would be nice if make would output that incorrect string when
using -d or a new --verbose-error switch or so.

Thank you for your time,



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