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suggestion: new make function

From: Lawrence Ibarria
Subject: suggestion: new make function
Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2011 12:09:42 -0700

I have often hit problems with the limit of command line lengths many shells have (CMD.EXE in Windows in my case).

This is a common case with few solutions, I have searched around:




I would like to propose a couple new functions in make that can help work around this problem.


$(dumpOneLine filename, $(list))

$(dumpOnePerLine filename, $(list))


The idea here is to ask make to dump into a file (either on a single line or each element of the list in a new line) all the contents of a list.

This function specifically does not use the shell, I expect make to implement it with fopen directly. Once all the contents of a long list in make are in a file, programs (such as linker, or compiler) can use that file as input.


I do not know how to address specifics such as variable expansion on the list (I’d suggest no variable expansion at all, create a new list for that).


What do you think?


  -- Lawrence


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