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Re: GNU make release candidate 3.99.90 available

From: Denis Excoffier
Subject: Re: GNU make release candidate 3.99.90 available
Date: Fri, 17 May 2013 19:42:12 +0200

On 2013-05-17 10:12, Paul Smith <address@hidden> wrote:

> Hi all.  The first release candidate for the next release of GNU make,
> GNU make 4.0, is now available for download:
> http://alpha.gnu.org/gnu/make/make-3.99.90.tar.gz  
> 37c2d65196a233a8166d323f5173cdee
> http://alpha.gnu.org/gnu/make/make-3.99.90.tar.bz2 
> 40c0a62e1f4e0165d51bc4d7f93a023c
> There are many bug fixes and new features.  Please see the NEWS file for
> full details.
> http://git.savannah.gnu.org/cgit/make.git/tree/NEWS
> Note I will be away this weekend and not reading email so please don't
> expect a response from me until next week.
> Cheers, and happy making!

Thanks. We were all very impatient i suppose...

Compared with make-3.82, the new make-3.99.90 breaks those Makefiles, like
in tiff-v3.6.1 (rather old i know, before 2003 at least), that use the 

make -${MAKEFLAGS}

Indeed, in case of "-j n", MAKEFLAGS does no longer includes a space at
its beginning, before the "--jobserver-fds...". Hence, make fails with
the message "Unrecognized option ---jobserver-fds=..." (note the three dashes).

Previously, it used to work, if not "as expected", but more or less yes, thanks
to the undocumented? target "-" that (still under the new make) does nothing at 

% cat Makefile
default - --:; @echo "$@"
% make -
% make -- -
% make -- ./-
% make -- --

Perhaps something is worth noting in NEWS or in documentation?


Denis Excoffier.

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