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Re: GNU make release candidate 3.99.90 available

From: Denis Excoffier
Subject: Re: GNU make release candidate 3.99.90 available
Date: Mon, 20 May 2013 23:32:04 +0200

On 2013-05-20 15:16, Paul Smith wrote:
> On Fri, 2013-05-17 at 19:42 +0200, Denis Excoffier wrote:
>> Compared with make-3.82, the new make-3.99.90 breaks those Makefiles,
>> like in tiff-v3.6.1 (rather old i know, before 2003 at least), that
>> use the construction:
>> make -${MAKEFLAGS}
> Hrm.  This is actually specifically discouraged by the documentation.
> However reading the POSIX standard shows that make is required to accept
> this format, at least for standard arguments.
Perhaps the space in front of "--jobserver-fds" in MAKEFLAGS (make-3.82),
together with the do-nothing "-" target are already there to satisfy the
POSIX standard: just put the space back and that's it?

In the mean time i discovered a few minor documentation bugs:
- in doc/main.texi:
  - in the 'Options Summary' section, list the new '-O' before '-p'
  - replace "The end of of this paragraph" with "The end of this
- in variable.c:
  - replace "but the the rest of the chain" with "but the rest of the
- in readme.vms:
  - replace "That deletes the them" with "That deletes them"


Denis Excoffier.

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