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Documentation for the eval function

From: Sascha Ziemann
Subject: Documentation for the eval function
Date: Wed, 22 May 2013 20:13:39 +0200


I think the example in the documentation for the eval function is
broken. I copied the example to a file and tried it with "make clean".
The action for the clean target is "rm -f $(ALL_OBJS) $(PROGRAMS)".
The PROGRAMS variable is set at the beginning to "server client" and
the ALL_OBJS variable should be filled by the foreach call of the eval
function. Because of that I think that the intended action for the
clean target is "rm -f server.o server_priv.o server_access.o client.o
client_api.o client_mem.o server client". But when I try the example I
get the following output:

make clean
rm -f  server client

So I think the example must be wrong, isn't it?


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