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RE: Help:Stop compile due to Segmentation Fault Error

From: Martin Dorey
Subject: RE: Help:Stop compile due to Segmentation Fault Error
Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2013 17:02:13 +0000

(Bcc: address@hidden - this is definitely a make bug)


Ø  part of Makefile


So not enough for us to try to repeat it.  It looked vaguely familiar and Google turned up something similar, sadly with no obvious resolution:




Ø  Can you guide us with what we should do?


Does it happen every time?  Have you tried with make-3.82, with the release candidate for the upcoming release http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/make-alpha/2013-05/msg00023.html, with make from git http://savannah.gnu.org/git/?group=make?


From: bug-make-bounces+address@hidden [mailto:bug-make-bounces+address@hidden On Behalf Of ???
Sent: Friday, June 21, 2013 07:09
To: address@hidden; address@hidden
Subject: Help:Stop compile due to Segmentation Fault Error


Dear GNU.org

I have a problem with make file.

Segmentation Fault error occurred while compile below part of Makefile.

we used the make 3.81 on ubentu 10.10.



           @echo APK certs list: $@

           @mkdir -p $(dir $@)

           @rm -f $@

           $(eval APKCERTS_TMP_FILE := $(shell mktemp))

           $(hide) $(foreach p,$(PACKAGES),\

          $(if $(PACKAGES.$(p).EXTERNAL_KEY),\

               echo 'name="$(p).apk" certificate="EXTERNAL" \

                    private_key=""' >> $(APKCERTS_TMP_FILE);,\

               echo 'name="$(p).apk" certificate="$(PACKAGES.$(p).CERTIFICATE)" \

                    private_key="$(PACKAGES.$(p).PRIVATE_KEY)"' >> $(APKCERTS_TMP_FILE);))

           @mv $(APKCERTS_TMP_FILE) $@

           $(hide) touch $@



Here is the call stack of Segmentation Fault error


#0  eval_buffer (buffer=0xddd9390 "APKCERTS_TMP_FILE := /tmp/tmp.WBLP9iHl4m") at read.c:430

#1  0x0000000000407b5a in func_eval (o=0x13f748a1 "\002\324=\356\177", argv=0x7fffdc35d700, funcname=<value optimised out>) at function.c:1369

#2  0x000000000040a81c in handle_function (op=0x7fffdc35d830, stringp=<value optimised out>) at function.c:2213

#3  0x00000000004058d3 in variable_expand_string (line=0x13f748a0 "\t\002\324=\356\177", string=0x13f7fd80 "\t$(eval APKCERTS_TMP_FILE := $(shell mktemp))", length=-1)

    at expand.c:253

#4  0x0000000000405da3 in variable_expand_for_file (line=<value optimised out>, file=<value optimised out>) at expand.c:463

#5  0x000000000040541b in allocated_variable_expand_for_file (line=<value optimised out>, file=<value optimised out>) at expand.c:548

#6  0x000000000040e277 in new_job (file=0x1b135270) at job.c:1600

#7  0x0000000000418b76 in remake_file (file=0x1b135270, depth=8) at remake.c:1123

#8  update_file_1 (file=0x1b135270, depth=8) at remake.c:761

#9  update_file (file=0x1b135270, depth=8) at remake.c:307

#10 0x00000000004190f3 in check_dep (file=0x1b135270, depth=8, this_mtime=1, must_make_ptr=0x7fffdc35da94) at remake.c:947

#11 0x0000000000418097 in update_file_1 (file=0x1b3be190, depth=6) at remake.c:508


Can you guide us with what we should do?


Thank You


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