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Re: Help:Stop compile due to Segmentation Fault Error

From: Michael Stahl
Subject: Re: Help:Stop compile due to Segmentation Fault Error
Date: Sat, 22 Jun 2013 19:02:53 +0200
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On 21/06/13 16:09, 최철우 wrote:
> Dear GNU.org
> I have a problem with make file. 
> Segmentation Fault error occurred while compile below part of Makefile.
> we used the make 3.81 on ubentu 10.10. 


>            $(eval APKCERTS_TMP_FILE := $(shell mktemp))

using eval...

> Here is the call stack of Segmentation Fault error
> #0  eval_buffer (buffer=0xddd9390 "APKCERTS_TMP_FILE := /tmp/tmp.WBLP9iHl4m") 
> at read.c:430
> #1  0x0000000000407b5a in func_eval (o=0x13f748a1 "\002\324=\356\177", 
> argv=0x7fffdc35d700, funcname=<value optimised out>) at function.c:1369

i bet you're running into this bug:


... which happens to be very familiar to me :)

> Can you guide us with what we should do?

the problem is that Ubuntu (and Debian) ship a very outdated release of
GNU make; as you can see the bug was fixed in 2007 already.

you can either:

- upgrade to GNU make 3.82 or newer

- apply the patch referenced in the bug report to GNU make 3.81 and
rebuild (this has reliably solved the problem for me)

- stop using -jN and build without parallelism (and much slower)

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