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Re: [PATCH] Use spawn() in GNU Make on Cygwin, updated

From: Pavel Fedin
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Use spawn() in GNU Make on Cygwin, updated
Date: Sun, 11 Aug 2013 18:58:59 +0400

Hello, Denis.

Sunday, August 11, 2013, 10:54:25 you wrote:

> As a user, i would be fully happy if the behavior could be driven by the
> MAKE_USE_SPAWN env. var. (and a similar env. var. in case the default is 
> spawn).
> Associated command line options would be unnecessary, but perhaps needed for
> completeness. The default being configurable with the (Cygwin only, to be 
> checked)
> '--enable-spawn=yes|no' parameter to the ./configure program (default=no of 
> course).
> I suppose we'll also need that 'make --help' reports its default because it 
> cannot be
> so easily determined (see e.g. the end of 'tar --help')

 I can do this. But this will end up in more complex modifications.
 What  is  the  real  profit of runtime switching ? Why would the user
want slow operation, if he has fast operation, which doesn't differ in
anything else ?
 Well,  i  agree that you want to have some fallback if something goes
wrong.  Isn't compile-time option OK for this ? We can set the default
to ON, and if in future some problems appear, if can be quickly turned
off. Or, even, we can set it by default to OFF, and let Cygwin package
maintainers  to  override  it to ON, if you are so strict and want the
"vanilla" make to use fork() on Cygwin.

> Please provide something like this as a patch against the HEAD and you'll more
> easily convince (i think).

 I can remake all 3 patches against HEAD if needed. Eli ?

> Avoid grouping two branches of an #ifdef (eg 'environ = envp'),
> let the maintainers do this (if they prefer to).

 Actually,  this  assignment  should  be  effective  on all platforms,
so  i  decided  not to multiply it but move out of #ifdef. However Eli
asked  me  to  keep  EMX  code  as it is, so in 3rd version (posted on
Cygwin  ML,  Eli  should have got it in private mail), i surrounded it
with  #ifndef  __EMX__  with CHECKME comment, if someone ever picks up
EMX and wants to try new version on it.

С уважением,
 Pavel                          mailto:address@hidden

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