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Re: [bug #41758] VMS Make incorrectly reports archives support present.

From: John E. Malmberg
Subject: Re: [bug #41758] VMS Make incorrectly reports archives support present.
Date: Sat, 21 Jun 2014 17:58:25 -0500
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On 6/20/2014 8:53 AM, h.becker wrote:
On 06/14/2014 07:44 PM, John E. Malmberg wrote:

globalvalue is visible in /STANDARD=VAXC and /STANDARD=RELAXED which is
the default. Is that what you refer to as 'ANSI compatible VMS
extension'? The default gives at least fair diagnostics for VAXC
problems. At the moment gnu make is compiled either without a standard
switch or the /STANDARD=RELAXED, but with
/WARNING=(DISABLE=QUESTCOMPARE). In stricter modes you can use something

#include <stdio.h>
extern unsigned int LBR$_HDRTRUNC;
int main (void) {
         printf ("LBR$_HDRTRUNC: %%x%08x\n", &LBR$_HDRTRUNC);

I will change the code to use an extern not as efficient as a constant, but the code is not on section that would really notice the difference in speed.

and you may want to add at least DOLLARID to the disabled warning messages.

I plan on looking at the compiler options in the future. They will be come more relevant when implementing dynamic loaded modules.

I consider /standard=vaxc == ignore potential bugs.

I will look at doing that in a future patch.  It appears that the
UNIVERSAL qualifier is ignored by non-VAX, so is not causing a problem.

Like "%LINK-I-OPTIGNALPHA, UNIVERSAL option ignored; not allowed for AXP
images" but
%ILINK-F-OPTSYNERR, syntax error in options file ...
-ILINK-E-OPTLIN, options line in error
I didn't try the tests on I64, but the -F should trigger something.

I was not seeing this, but will remove it from the next patch. I will not be posting an updated patch until next week though.


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