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strange issue with make cgit

From: Gregory Fong
Subject: strange issue with make cgit
Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2014 11:43:55 -0700


This isn't a make issue, but there seems to be something odd going on with cgit.

I was trying to view the commits that fix bug #30612 "error parsing
library references with multiple objects", which are

b06b8c64a29a5ba3a8daecd829fa2f98d42cb285 Fix another error related to
whitespace handling in archives.
5acda13ace0ae4443ed04c4f8a62512b00a2b656 - Fix the NEWS file to be accurate

Links to both of these commits can be seen from
The links are

The links were working a few days ago, but now they just give a page
that says "No repositories found".

When I select any of the other commits, the commit info is shown as
expected.  Not sure why these two have mysteriously decided not to
work.  Maybe the cgit cache got into a bad state?  Hopefully someone
can help get this sorted out.

Best regards,

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