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RE: make: Interrupt/Exception caught (code = 0xc00000fd, addr = 0x4217b3

From: Harald-René Flasch
Subject: RE: make: Interrupt/Exception caught (code = 0xc00000fd, addr = 0x4217b3)
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2014 09:05:56 +0100

Hi Eli,

thank you for your email. Since make.exe does not contain version information (each good program running on Windows OS should have that) I only can tell you:

Date modified: 2010-01-19 19:10
Size: 162 KB (166.400 bytes)

"Date modified"  is also odd for me since the release is named "WinAVR-20100110" and I do not believe that time-travel is possible in our universe I doubt that even this is correct ...

There is also a file named "make.exe.old" but it is waste of time to use/test that since I already know that this version is not better.

Anyway I found the workaround (to be correct it is just a workaround, not a final solution) it is fine for me that way. We plan to move to Atmel Studio/toolchain anyway ...

Best Regards,
Harald-René Flasch

> Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2014 17:58:50 +0200
> From: address@hidden
> Subject: Re: FW: make: Interrupt/Exception caught (code = 0xc00000fd, addr = 0x4217b3)
> To: address@hidden
> CC: address@hidden; address@hidden; address@hidden; address@hidden
> > From: Harald-René Flasch <address@hidden>
> > Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2014 09:30:17 +0100
> > Cc: Julian Huszar <address@hidden>, Martin Weghofer <address@hidden>,
> > Klaus Rupp <address@hidden>
> >
> > found a workaround for that nasty bug in your make.exe:
> > http://hdrlab.org.nz/articles/windows-development/make-interrupt-exception-caught-code-0xc00000fd-addr-0x4217b/
> >
> > Since I am using three different WinAVR versions (for some reasons) on my
> > developer machine and want to be able to switch fast between them and so I
> > created a command script and adding it to PATH by myself. Previously added the
> > path at the end which will raise that error. When adding the WinAVR paths at
> > the beginning, it works:
> >
> > set AVR32_HOME=C:\WinAVR-20100110
> > set PATH=C:\WinAVR-20100110\bin;%PATH%
> > set PATH=C:\WinAVR-20100110\utils\bin;%PATH%
> >
> > I am curious that this bug (at least known since 2008 ...) in make.exe of
> > WinAVR is still not fixed 2014/2015 ...
> What version of Make did you use?

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