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MAKE's Internet web page bug report

From: Terry McCarty
Subject: MAKE's Internet web page bug report
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2015 18:39:53 -0500
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Hello -

I believe I have found a bug in the online Internet web pages for "make".  

I am looking at 

I see the following two paragraphs, each of which has the same basic error:

"Before recompiling an object file, make considers updating its prerequisites,
the source file and header files. This makefile does not specify anything to
be done for them—the ‘.c’ and ‘.h’ files are not the targets of any rules—so
make does nothing for these files. But make would update automatically generated
C programs, such as those made by Bison or Yacc, by their own rules at this time."


"After recompiling whichever object files need it, make decides whether to relink
edit. This must be done if the file edit does not exist, or if any of the object
files are newer than it. If an object file was just recompiled, it is now newer
than edit, so edit is relinked. "

The Problem is:  The system does NOT "recompile an object file"

The system compiles and/or recompiles source code files.

I suggest that you change the wording to say something to the effect of:
... when the system recompiles source files or relinks requisite object files in order to generate a new object file ..."

     Terry McCarty

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