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Using hash instead of timestamps to check for changes.

From: Glen Stark
Subject: Using hash instead of timestamps to check for changes.
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2015 14:42:56 +0100


I hope that this is the correct forum for this question.  As a quick
search on Google will verify, there's quite a bit of interest in being
able to have Make use a hash to check if a new build is required, as
opposed to a timestamp.

I searched the mailing lists regarding this issue, and found a rather
old patch suggestion, but have not been able to determine if a decision
was made regarding whether to implement this feature.  Nor have I been
able to find relevant information on the Make project website, so I'm
asking you Make maintainers if you see this as a desirable
functionality, or at least worthy of discussion.  I can say that it
would benefit my colleagues and I enormously, and I'm willing to attempt
the implementation if you agree it would be a feature worth adding.

So to start with: 

Is this planned?  Has the idea already been rejected, and if so could
you point me to the discussion so I can inform myself?

If it is planned, or you agree it's worth doing, how can I help?  I'm
willing to write the code if someone is willing to help me work into the
code a little.  Until now I'm only a user, not maintainer of Make, and
would need some tips about how to fit the functionality into the overall
design of Make.  Someone to bounce ideas off, and direct questions to
would be wonderful.  If someone else is working on it already, I'd like
to help however I can -- testing, debugging, etc.

Thank you for your time.

Glen Stark

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