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Re: new flag to show executing shell command

From: chenzero
Subject: Re: new flag to show executing shell command
Date: Sat, 09 May 2015 17:49:34 +0800
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On 2015年05月09日 15:55, Edward Welbourne wrote:
I am a new beginner of gnu Make. in some cases, I fell that it will
help if Make can print the executing shell command even suppressed,
for example, to identify problem more easy.

Since it seems that Make doesn't have this flag, I tried to change code.
the code diff is in below and happy to hear what your idea.
It is better to change the make file instead, e.g replace the @ that's
suppressing printing of the command with $A and set A ?= @ somewhere in
the makefile.  Then
  make A=
shall print commands while make shall, by default, suppress them.


Thanks for your good idea!

I changed the Make code since Makefile is always daunting to me,
especially when it's large and scattered in several directories. but now,
I change my mind a little.
secondly, just want to take this opportunity to change Make more fun :)

BTW, I want to say thanks for you all create this great tool.
If I can do something, e.g: Chinese translation, please contact me.


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