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[bug #45515] [PATCH] Check ERRORLEVEL in subproc.bat and ignore Windows

From: James Johnston
Subject: [bug #45515] [PATCH] Check ERRORLEVEL in subproc.bat and ignore Windows build artifacts.
Date: Fri, 10 Jul 2015 13:48:20 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #2, bug #45515 (project make):

w32/subproc outputs a "subproc.lib" library file which is then linked into
make itself.

A .sbr file is outputted for every object file due to the use of the /FR


More on browse information:

Actually I am not sure why /FR switch is being included any more.  If you
aren't using browse information in the IDE, you don't need it.  Furthermore,
new versions of VC++ (i.e. everything released in this century) don't even
need it to begin with - only the old 1990s-era versions require it.  That's
assuming you even have a 1990s era project file, which we don't.  (Note that
the GNU make provided VC++ 2003 project does NOT enable browse

git blame shows that /FR originated from when NMakefile.template was first
created in 1996.  In fact, all the compiler switches haven't changed for 19
years for that line.

Which probably explains why GNU Make won't build cleanly with VC++ any more:
it complains/warns about various deprecated switches on every object file... 
I am not sure which versions of VC++ GNU make still has to support (do we
still have to support Visual C++ 4.0 from 1995?) but it would be nice if the
deprecated warnings due to these legacy arguments could be cleaned up.


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