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Re: Adding line numbers to output for "No rule to make target"

From: Jonny Grant
Subject: Re: Adding line numbers to output for "No rule to make target"
Date: Fri, 27 Nov 2015 21:49:24 +0000
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On 27/11/15 17:58, address@hidden wrote:
Jonny Grant writes:
  > >   If you do it that way, now you've got two different formats for the
  > >   same message.  This can be confusing to users, and certainly
  > >   complicates factors if there is software sitting on top of Make and
  > >   operating on the messages (continuous integration / automatic failure
  > >   triage).
  > CI uses program return codes in my experience.

  On failure, CI may operate on the output text to determine the locus
  of the actual failure, and automatically file defects.

Sounds reasonable. I've not myself worked with such a CI or environment.

  > >   Consider the following other special cases:
  > >
  > >     o Gnu Make has $(eval), and it's possible to generate rules that
  > >       don't correspond to actual Makefile lines.
  > I thought the message only related to targets.
  > Do you mean if targets are generated by $(eval) ?


Ok, I expect the line number wouldn't have been set. Or it might have been set to the $(eval) line that created the target - which would help the user debugging the makefile issue :)

  > >     o What if there are multiple targets that refer to 'test.o'?
  > >       Should all be reported, or just the one that failed?
  > Often compilation only reports the first occurrence of the error. Make
  > could behave in a similar way. A more advanced solution would
  > report more.

  Sure, it's software; it could do lots of things.  The point I'm
  trying to get across is that requesting a feature in a mature product
  means that many scenarios must be explored, including not breaking
  existing uses.

Perhaps could add a test case for the particular compatible behaviour. As far as I am aware, Make errors start: "make: ***" and end "Stop". A test could be created for such lines.

I don't recall when Make started outputting line numbers for makefiles, I imagine that impacted existing users. However the benefit dramatically outweighed any updates necessitated.

If there is support for the change, I can file a bug now we have discussed?
Regards, Jonny

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