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RE: Permission Denied error while killing Gmake on Windows

From: thutt
Subject: RE: Permission Denied error while killing Gmake on Windows
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2016 08:51:25 -0700

Anuj Shroff writes:
 > Hello Eli
 > Please find a small snippet of process name from ProcessExplorer
 > attached. It shows the compiler names and the process name.
 > While experiment a bit more with this we found an interesting
 > workaround which seems to have given some promising results.
 > We tweaked the gmake source code so that when we are deleting
 > targets while handling fatal signals (like SIGINT or SIGTERM), if
 > we encounter an error we sleep for 3 seconds and retry.
 > In our case we are getting the Permission Denied error while
 > deleting the obj files. When we used this new gmake, it gave us
 > good results and we are no longer seeing the "deleting files:
 > Permission Denied" error. Also the corrupt obj files (due to the
 > interrupt) are cleaned up properly.
 > We would like to know your opinion on this.

 If I understand things correctly, you are doing this:

   o Starting gmake
   o <gmake starts a bunch of compilation subprocesses>
   o Send Ctrl-C to gmake
   o gmake removes object files when it received Ctrl-C.

 On Windows, you will get a 'Permission Denied' when attempting to
 delete a file if another process has it open.

 Have all the subprocesses of gmake been fully killed before
 attempting to remove files?

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