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RE: Permission Denied error while killing Gmake on Windows

From: thutt
Subject: RE: Permission Denied error while killing Gmake on Windows
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2016 11:44:28 -0700

Anuj Shroff writes:
 > Hello Mr Hutt
 > The reproduction steps you have mentioned for the issue are precisely what 
 > we are doing.
 > I am monitoring killing gmake using ProcessExplorer. I can see that
 > the processes are killed as soon as we issue CTRL_C. However, it is
 > a bit difficult to deduce whether the subprocesses are killed
 > before the files are removed or not. I am not sure how to do such
 > fine-grained debugging.  Would you happen to have a suggestion for
 > this. I will be happy to try it out.
 > Also, we tried to track the obj files with ProcMon. Running ProcMon
 > in the background slows the gmake process significantly, due to
 > which we cannot reproduce the issue.
 > Please let me know if you have any pointers.

 I don't think you can guarantee that the asynchronous subprocesses
 are killed off at the same time as the parent.

 Rather than trying to prove this using Make, I'd suggest writing a
 bespoke program that spawns asynchronous processes, which create
 files with known pathnames and leave them open.  Kill the parent and
 try to remove the files that the subordinate process created.

For more information, dial 411.

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