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Re: Some DJGPP specific fixes for Make 4.2.1 and later.

From: Juan Manuel Guerrero
Subject: Re: Some DJGPP specific fixes for Make 4.2.1 and later.
Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2016 22:54:18 +0200
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Am 12.06.2016 19:28, schrieb Eli Zaretskii (address@hidden) [via address@hidden:
Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2016 19:18:36 +0200
From: "Juan Manuel Guerrero (address@hidden) [via 

     -  For systems like MSDOS, WINDOWS32 and other ones, the function 
        is defined as a no-op macro in os.h but at the same time exists an
        implementation of the function in posixos.c.  This implementation
        is always compiled no matter if __MSDOS__ and/or MAKE_JOBSERVER is
        defined or not in posixos.c.  To avoid this contradiction, I have put
        the get_bad_stdin definition inside the same #ifdef than the ones used
        in os.h.  Please inspect the patch.  This approach is only a suggestion;
        may be there is a different way to solve this issue.

posixos.c is not supposed to be compiled on MSDOS (or any other
non-Posix system).  Why is it being compiled in the DJGPP build?

The other changes look fine to me, thanks.

Did not know this.  Because I never know how well maintained are the DJGPP
specific files like Makefile.DOS, etc I prefer to configure it by running
the configure script.  But this had produced a Makefile that had posixos
added to the list of object files thus making the build fail.  But if that
file is supposed not to used at all with non-Posix systems, please ignore
the proposed changes concerning posixos.c.  That is ok with me.

Juan M. Guerrero

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