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Re: Bug make

From: Paul Smith
Subject: Re: Bug make
Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2016 08:00:49 -0400

Please keep the mailing list CC'd on replies: it's likely someone there
will be able to help in case I'm not available.  Also in general we
prefer interleaved replies rather than top-posting (putting your reply
first then including the entire message you're replying to afterward) on
the mailing lists.

On Wed, 2016-09-14 at 22:12 +0200, orsobianco9 wrote:
> the problem is not in the use of parameters but for the fact that MAKE
> was compiled for a 64bit system. My current one is 32bit.
> Then I ask how can I fill the MAKE source 32bit? That is what I have
> to perform?

The error you sent with your original message had nothing to do with
64bit vs. 32bit.  If you were really trying to run a 64bit make on a
system that only supported 32bits, then the program would not even
execute at all.  Plus, the version of make you were using _WAS_ built
for a 32bit system; in the output you sent:

> Questo programma è stato compilato per i686-pc-linux-gnu

An "i686" is a 32bit architecture.  It would say something like "x86_64"
or "amd64" if it were a 64bit architecture.

In your case the program runs and it prints out an error message that
tells you exactly what is wrong, which is what I described in my earlier
response: the command line "-jpkg" is not valid.  The error make prints

> make: l'opzione "-j" richiede un argomento intero positivo

Or, in English:

> make: the "-j" option requires a positive integer argument

If you indeed do need to recompile make for a 32bit system for some
reason, then you just need to configure your compiler to have the
correct flags for 32bit output when you build GNU make.  Without knowing
anything about your environment (what operating system you're using,
what compiler you're using, what version of GNU make you're building,
etc.) there's little else we can say.

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