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[bug #42125] Explicit rules do not support multiple targets

From: Dietmar Schindler
Subject: [bug #42125] Explicit rules do not support multiple targets
Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2017 03:39:17 -0500 (EST)
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Follow-up Comment #9, bug #42125 (project make):

_… how can a static pattern rule have multiple targets? Each pattern in the
target needs to match each of the elements of the static list…_ - Currently,
a static pattern rule cannot have multiple "target-pattern"s, but people (at
least the original submitter and I) wish it could; then each of the elements
of the static "targets" list needs to be matched by *one* "target-pattern"
(just as in the original submission, where the resulting rule is e. g. "foo.c
foo.h : %.h %.c : %.idl").
You're right, I'm indeed _just looking for exactly what this bug is asking
for_, though also exactly how the original submission suggests, because I find
this construct intelligible, and that it would make "make"'s syntax more
consistent (the syntax of a _static pattern rule_ being equal to the syntax of
a _pattern rule_ with the static "targets …:" list prepended).
_trying to shoehorn it into static pattern rules doesn't seem like a good fit_
- Of course I may be wrong thinking it would be a good fit; after all, I'm not
enlightened - or dazzled? ;-) - by expert knowledge of "make"'s


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