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.SHELLSTATUS not set correctly when $(shell ...) terminated by signal

From: Troy Runkel
Subject: .SHELLSTATUS not set correctly when $(shell ...) terminated by signal
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2017 13:59:49 +0000

It looks like the value of .SHELLSTATUS is not always set correctly when the $(shell …) command is terminated by a signal. 


Here’s a Makefile which demonstrates this behavior:


STDOUT := $(shell kill -s SEGV $$$$)

$(info status=$(.SHELLSTATUS) stdout="$(STDOUT)")

$(error Stop)


I ran this Makefile on Debian 8 Linux using gmake 4.2.1 and got the following output:


$ gmake

status=0 stdout=" "

Makefile:3: *** Stop.  Stop.


I would have expected behavior similar to what happens when a recipe is interrupted by a signal, where gmake receives a non-zero exit value from the recipe.


Is this the expected behavior of .SHELLSTATUS in this use case?




Troy Runkel


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