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GNU Make 3.82

From: Vladimir Vlad
Subject: GNU Make 3.82
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2017 22:50:00 +0700

Hello!  I'm using GNU Make 3.82
Built for i686-pc-mingw32 on Windows 7. I have a question about the behavior of this program. How does GNU make decide if it runs a line from a rule directly or via a batch file? I need a line to always be executed directly (through the CreateProcess(...)). How can I do that? I noticed that: "./fpmake.exe install --localunitdir=.. --globalunitdir=../packages --os=win32 --cpu=i386 -o -Ur -o -Xs -o -O2 -o -n -o -di386 -o -dRELEASE --compiler=c:/temp/lazarusbuild/fpc-source/compiler/ppc386.exe -bu --prefix=c:\temp\lazarusbuild\fpc\3.0.2 --baseinstalldir=c:\temp\lazarusbuild\fpc\3.0.2 " is performed through CreateProcess, but
"./fpmake.exe install --localunitdir=.. --os=win32 --cpu=i386 -o -Ur -o -Xs -o -O2 -o -n -o -di386 -o -dRELEASE --compiler=c:/temp/lazarusbuild/fpc-source/compiler/ppc386.exe -bu --prefix=c:\temp\lazarusbuild\fpc\3.0.2 --baseinstalldir=c:\temp\lazarusbuild\fpc\3.0.2 --bininstalldir="c:\temp\lazarusbuild"\fpc\3.0.2\bin\i386-win32" through creating temporary batch file. Please help me, I need everything to work without a batch file, otherwise the "./fpmake.exe ..." construct leads to an error in cmd.exe. Thank you in advance, I'm sorry for my english.

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