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[bug #52076] wildcard/glob should be sorted

From: Bernhard M.
Subject: [bug #52076] wildcard/glob should be sorted
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2017 23:26:22 -0400 (EDT)
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Follow-up Comment #2, bug #52076 (project make):

I tried to measure the performance difference using the attached 'makebench'
files, running in a tmpfs to not have physical disk IO influence results
but found that the difference is so close to zero
that it was lost in noise.

Here is what i got from running it twice each with unsorted and sorted glob:

==unsorted make:

real    0m8,108s
user    0m7,652s
sys     0m0,402s
make: Nothing to be done for 'run'.

real    0m7,706s
user    0m7,496s
sys     0m0,157s

real    0m7,998s
user    0m7,605s
sys     0m0,391s
make: Nothing to be done for 'run'.

real    0m7,634s
user    0m7,489s
sys     0m0,136s

== sorted make:

real    0m8,030s
user    0m7,662s
sys     0m0,372s
make: Nothing to be done for 'run'.

real    0m7,583s
user    0m7,417s
sys     0m0,168s

real    0m8,026s
user    0m7,609s
sys     0m0,423s
make: Nothing to be done for 'run'.

real    0m7,646s
user    0m7,509s
sys     0m0,137s

Do you have a benchmark that better shows the difference?

(file #41853)

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