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Regression caused by Commit: 5bd7ad2b225b ("Preserve the real value of -

From: NeilBrown
Subject: Regression caused by Commit: 5bd7ad2b225b ("Preserve the real value of -jN in MAKEFLAGS using jobserver.")
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2017 16:28:06 +1000

One of my Makefiles contains

Prior to the above commit, this would cause make to run as if I had run
   make -j

Since that commit, it appears to be ignored.  If I run
  make -j
explicitly I get parallel makes, but setting MAKEFLAGS in the Makefile
doesn't achieve that result.

This usage is still described as supported by make.texi:

The @code{MAKEFLAGS} variable can also be useful if you want to have
certain options, such as @samp{-k} (@pxref{Options Summary, ,Summary of
Options}), set each time you run @code{make}.  You simply put a value for
@code{MAKEFLAGS} in your environment.  You can also set @code{MAKEFLAGS} in
a makefile, to specify additional flags that should also be in effect for
that makefile.  (Note that you cannot use @code{MFLAGS} this way.  That
variable is set only for compatibility; @code{make} does not interpret a
value you set for it in any way.)


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