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Build changes

From: Paul Smith
Subject: Build changes
Date: Sat, 18 Nov 2017 09:52:04 -0500

Hi all.

This morning I pushed a batch of changes to the GNU make package build
to remove a bunch of older, outdated methods of building GNU make.  I
removed the NMakefiles, SMakefiles, Visual Studio project files, and
some of the outdated .bat files.

The goal is to provide three package build capabilities:

First, the standard configure environment which will work on POSIX
systems (or non-POSIX systems with sufficient extra support, such as
cygwin (I'm told)).

Second, bootstrap scripts which build GNU make from scratch on systems
without an existing make: they always build from scratch, not
incrementally.  Currently we have build.sh (POSIX sh), build_w32.bat
(Windows), and builddos.bat (MS-DOS/DJGPP).

Finally, I created a Basic.mk makefile and tried to move the per-system 
support into mk/*.mk files: currently there are Windows, MS-DOS, and
Amiga support there.  I know the Windows support works but I can't test
the others.  The idea is that if you have a GNU make (perhaps created
via the bootstrap script) you can use this facility to incrementally
rebuild GNU make after modifications, if you want.

For example on Windows this should work:

   .\WinRel\gnumake.exe check

(the latter will run the test suite if you have Perl etc. installed)

I didn't attempt to modify the VMS build support: that is really beyond
me :).  However, if Hartmut or John or someone wants to take a crack at
it that would be nice.

I've tested on GNU/Linux, MacOS, and Windows.  Please let me know if I
broke something on some other system.

Next up will be a directory re-org to push the code into a "src"
subdirectory, followed by integration of more of gnulib, in particular
a newer version of glob and a few other things.

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