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Re: undefined reference to `__alloca'

From: Earnestly
Subject: Re: undefined reference to `__alloca'
Date: Sat, 18 Nov 2017 23:02:15 +0000
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On Sat, Nov 18, 2017 at 04:48:12PM -0500, Paul Smith wrote:
> One way to fix this would be to change the second #if line above to be:
> and see if that works.

Yes!  This solves the issue and it also solves the __stat issues as

> Is there anywhere documented what the difference is between version 1
> and version 2?  Is it just this symlink change?  I'm not sure if the
> above change is absolutely correct since it means we'll always accept
> the latest libc glob interface, which seems to defeat the purpose of
> having a version in the first place.

It seems to be a relatively recent change according to `git blame'.


Apparently this patch committed in September 2017 to solve this bug


Within it someone mentions this beautiful gem:

  * Bump _GNU_GLOB_INTERFACE_VERSION to 2 and forcing new GNUmake build to use 
its internal glob implementation.

Well, that sure backfired quite nicely, haha

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