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Re: gmake-4.2.1 ignores assignment of ARCH on FreeBSD

From: Yuri
Subject: Re: gmake-4.2.1 ignores assignment of ARCH on FreeBSD
Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2017 16:09:25 -0800
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On 12/25/17 13:13, Yuri wrote:

Makefile there assigns ARCH after shell/sed substitutions, and this line has no effect at all in gmake version from the FreeBSD port.

The easiest way to reproduce:

1. Have FreeBSD installed with the current version of ports

2. cd /usr/ports/math/zimpl

3. In the file files/patch-Makefile, replace ARCHX back with ARCH

4. make

5. Observe how it fails:

gmake[1]: Entering directory '/usr/ports/math/zimpl/work/zimpl-3.3.4'
Makefile:144: make/make.linux.amd64.gnu.opt: No such file or directory

The amd64 part of the file name was supposed to be replaced in ARCH (see s/amd64/x86_64/), but sed hasn't been run for some mysterious reason.

Without the step #3 above, the project builds fine.

Why is ARCH different from ARCHX?


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