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Re: Strange errors regarding function '__alloca' on a Debian buster/sid

From: Martin Dorey
Subject: Re: Strange errors regarding function '__alloca' on a Debian buster/sid i686 system
Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2018 15:24:58 +0000

> why this current release code won't work 

https://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/info-gnu/2016-06/msg00005.html says make-4.2.1 is from 2016-06-11.  In the email thread I cited previously, for what looked like the same errors, we see Paul writing, over a year after that release, on 2017-11-19, "I pushed a change that should allow this to work properly".  So the reason that the current release code won't work is, I suggest, because there hasn't been a new release that includes that change.  Why not cut to the chase, prove it, tell us and thus help to encourage a new release?  If you want a shortcut, perhaps Paul's patch was:

But patching configure.ac sounds like something that would then need the full build-from-git procedure, with autotools, rather than the build from a release tarball, in which case I think you'd be better off with the git head.  Still, perhaps you could patch whatever file the configure script is generating there as a quick proof of concept.

On Apr 2, 2018, at 07:03, Dennis Clarke <address@hidden> wrote:

On 01/04/18 05:29 PM, Paul Smith wrote:
On Sun, 2018-04-01 at 16:56 -0400, Dennis Clarke wrote:
So I could just lift that out of glibc 2.27 and drop it into the make
  source tree and have a go at it.  Is that the idea here ?
You could try, but I'm not optimistic that it will just work.

"just work" ?  nope.  not even close.

I think the way forward is to get the latest code from GNU make's Git
repository and see if that works:

Well sure ... however before I get there I am still baffled why this
current release code won't work on an old 32-bit intel debian server?

I just compiled kernel 4.15.15 on that machine and am running it now.

Certainly if I can compile and run a new kernel on the same machine I
would think I can compile GNU make from sources?  Or am I stretching

address@hidden:~# cat /proc/version
Linux version 4.15.15-genunix (address@hidden) (gcc version 7.3.0 (Debian 7.3.0-13)) #1 SMP Sun Apr 1 22:27:12 UTC 2018

Be sure to read the README.git file for information on building from
Git, rather than from a source distribution (it requires extra packages
to be installed, such as autotools).

yep .. autoreconf and its brethern however I suspect something else is
going on here.


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