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Re: Compile error with gcc8

From: Barath Aron
Subject: Re: Compile error with gcc8
Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2018 22:38:14 +0200
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On 06/05/2018 07:09 PM, Paul Smith wrote:
I'm quite certain the amount
of code change would be sufficient to require copyright assignment
paperwork: if that's acceptable to you let me know and we can get the
process started.
I already tried some fork() replacement in nano, that went well.
Hmm, may be I should sent the patch to them.
if your employer can assert rights to
your work and will need to sign off on the assignment.
Let me ask tomorrow.
Tonight when I get home I'll make an effort to clean up
my current local Git repository state and push it out.
Sounds good.
Regarding the missing files these should be downloaded when you run the
"make update" operation.
I read the INSTALL, and ignored everything but the "Basic Installation" part. :) For a second read, it clearly says see the README.git -- anyway, a Makefile with an empty "all:" rule worked fine to me. I still have the docs installed from the official package.


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