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Re: use of math.h / libmath discouraged?

From: Brian Vandenberg
Subject: Re: use of math.h / libmath discouraged?
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2018 10:42:27 -0600

Wouldn't profiling information help? 
See details and link to code with 3.81 that does this at:

Yes, it would.  I was unaware of that issue.

It looks as though that feature never made it in [unfortunately].  If it were added, was present in a default build and there were a way to enable/disable it dynamically then what I'm proposing here wouldn't be much of an improvement (if any).

When I say "enable it dynamically" I mean something along these lines:

$(profile_options ...formatting/level/etc goes here...)
# or
.PROFILE_OPTIONS := ...ditto...
$(enable profiling)
...some expressions not at recipe scope...
$(disable profiling)
$(profile some _expression_)
> $(profile ${CC} ${FLAGS} ${<} -c -o address@hidden)

In lieu of that, what I'm proposing is worth adding in that it's not difficult to use, its footprint is small and can give insight that's otherwise difficult to glean.


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