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Re: Case-insensitive targets

From: Gisle Vanem
Subject: Re: Case-insensitive targets
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2018 20:56:13 +0200
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Paul Smith wrote:

Then there's the question of case-preserving or not.  To be case-
preserving, make would have to be doing all string searches and
comparisons using case-insensitive implementations which would be a lot
of code churn.  And we would have to care a lot more about
internationalization since case comparison is highly locale-specific.

Thanks for the detailed explanation.

Besides, there seems to be a mem-leak in that loop.

I see no mem leak in that function...?

Ops, you're right. But there are tons of them elsewhere.
Won't hurt and maybe intentional. I removed the mentioned
'assert()' and see no aborts anywhere else.

But I made a little <dmalloc.h> implementation using MSVC's
<CrtDbg.h> and dumped the leaks right before 'exit()' in
main.c's 'die()'. The simple case-insensitive-win.mak in my
1st email shows 4410 leaks!

PS. the makefile and diff used for this _DEBUG-mode test is at:


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