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Re: math expressions (was: Re: Tail call elimination)

From: Pete Dietl
Subject: Re: math expressions (was: Re: Tail call elimination)
Date: Mon, 25 May 2020 15:44:14 -0500

> I was not even considering specifying the base of the the resulting
> expansion.  I was assuming it would always be base 10.  I don't have
> any good way to specify the output form.
> I was only considering the parsing of input (constant) values: whether
> we wanted to support 0xfff, 0o777, 0b111 as well as base 10.  I don't
> want to support "traditional" octal values that start with plain 0... I
> believe that's always been a bad idea and it's especially bad in the
> context of makefiles where values are all strings right up until the
> moment they're parsed.

I definitely agree with 0x 0o 0b.

As for converting between bases, that could always be a separate
function like `$(convert-base number,radix)` where radix is one of: 2,
8, 10, or 16

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