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Re: make4.3/make4.2.1 - solaris 11 x86 issues

From: Paul Smith
Subject: Re: make4.3/make4.2.1 - solaris 11 x86 issues
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2020 09:08:40 -0400
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On Mon, 2020-06-29 at 08:56 +0000, Preethi Selvaraju wrote:
> Error:
> /usr/bin/gmake: invalid option -- 8
> /usr/bin/gmake: invalid option -- /
> /usr/bin/gmake: invalid option -- a
> /usr/bin/gmake: invalid option -- /
> /usr/bin/gmake: invalid option -- c

This are just the error messages.  They mean that the options provided
to make are illegal, in some way.  We can't do anything to help unless
you show us the make command line that was invoked so we can see what
it says.

Also useful would be the actual recipe from the makefile; the failure
was found here:

> gmake[5]: *** 
> [/export/home/preethi/openjdk8/hotspot/make/solaris/makefiles/top.make:84: 
> ad_stuff] Error 2

So the recipe to build the ad_stuff target in the top.make file at line
84 would be helpful.

Well, I can see that these makefiles follow the anti-pattern of adding
"@" prefixes to recipe lines:


If you remove the "@" before the "$(MAKE)" then it will print the
command line.  It appears that running the "adjust-mflags" script is
giving bogus results.

Using MFLAGS like this is generally a bad idea and I have no idea what
they mean by "Wierd argument adjustment for "gnumake -j..."".  It feels
like a hack.

But my suspicion is that this behavior difference is related to this
change in GNU make 4.0:

* Behavior of MAKEFLAGS and MFLAGS is more rigorously defined.  All simple
  flags are grouped together in the first word of MAKEFLAGS.  No options that
  accept arguments appear in the first word.  If no simple flags are present
  MAKEFLAGS begins with a space.  Flags with both short and long versions
  always use the short versions in MAKEFLAGS.  Flags are listed in
  alphabetical order using ASCII ordering.  MFLAGS never begins with "- ".

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