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RE: [bug #61594] suggest new $(hash ...) function

From: rsbecker
Subject: RE: [bug #61594] suggest new $(hash ...) function
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2021 08:28:47 -0500

On December 2, 2021 4:20 AM, Boris Kolpackov
> rsbecker@nexbridge.com <rsbecker@nexbridge.com> writes:
> > Sadly, the import restrictions do not distinguish between message
> > digests and cryptography [...]
> You seem to be quite knowledgeable on the matter so can you provide one
> concrete example of where one jurisdiction restricts export to another of,
> say, an SHA-1 implementation?

FWIW: My experience comes from some areas: my company that sells software
requiring an Export Control Classification Number because of the set of
message digests we use; being a platform maintainer for OpenSSL and git on
two heritage platforms.

Google is a wonderful thing:

The link is non-specific on which cyphers are prohibited, probably because
that changes without notice and I'm not sure Wikipedia is accessible from
all of those locations. Looking at the page history is actually informative
and perhaps relevant to the question.

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