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Re: escaped newline in macro expansion in command line

From: Humm
Subject: Re: escaped newline in macro expansion in command line
Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2022 22:34:09 +0000

Quoth Dmitry Goncharov:
Humm, in the following example do you want N and M to expand to
different values? If yes, can you please tell us about your use case
where such behavior is needed?

all:; echo ${N} ${M:word=a\

I would think they should expand to different values. I don’t have much of a use case, I was just playing around with the beginnings of a make implementation and wondering how it should be; noticed how weirdly gmake and bmake behave. Perhaps I should have just posted to the Austin list?

If we can agree, then i'll file a request to opengroup to explicitly
state that this

"When an escaped <newline> is found in a command line in a makefile,
the command line shall contain the <backslash>, the <newline>, and the
next line, except that the first character of the next line shall not
be included if it is a <tab>".

takes place after variable expansion.

As I stand here, utterly without use case, just standard lawyering, I’m not sure what agreement I could try to pursue. A resolution would be welcome though; please do.


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