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RE: Deprecating OS support

From: rsbecker
Subject: RE: Deprecating OS support
Date: Sat, 1 Oct 2022 14:02:19 -0400

On October 1, 2022 1:03 PM, Paul Smith wrote:
>With the upcoming release (4.4) I intend to announce that I'll be removing 
>for the following platforms in the next, post-4.4
>  - OS/2 (EMX)
>  - Amiga
>  - Native MS-DOS
>For the first two, I suspect that whatever support we currently have is broken 
>it's not really possible to build GNU make, even today, for those platforms.  I
>haven't received any input from anyone using those platforms in years and it's
>hard for me to believe that, with all the changes, everything still "just 
>I'm less sure about native MS-DOS.  Maybe someone still uses this?
>If anyone thinks that any of these should be preserved and I should not 
>deprecation for them, let me know.
>Obviously, versions of GNU make up to and including the upcoming 4.4 would 
>be available for those platforms (if they work).
>This would leave us with the following supported platforms, post 4.4:
>  - POSIX-based systems
>  - Windows
>  - VMS
>For VMS I haven't heard from anyone about it this release cycle so I don't 
>know what the status is, but it was actively supported in GNU make 4.3.

The ITUGLIB project team maintains a port of GNU Make for currently supported 
HPE NonStop Guardian platforms. We do intend to port 4.4 when it is released. I 
am the official maintainer on the team, at present. The HPE NonStop OSS 
(POSIX-compatible) platform port is maintained by HPE Development as part of 
their "coreutils" project. The latter's port tends to lag behind our port.

Randall Becker

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