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Re: GNU make 4.3.90 release candidate available

From: Paul Smith
Subject: Re: GNU make 4.3.90 release candidate available
Date: Sun, 02 Oct 2022 16:33:07 -0400
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On Sun, 2022-10-02 at 22:14 +0200, Frank Heckenbach wrote:
> I have a pattern rule like "%.c %.h &: %.y" for a tool (Bison) that
> may generate two output files (.c and .h), but in some cases
> (depending on the option "--defines") only one of them (.c).

The change was intentional, but has been reverted--for now.

See these Savannah bugs:


For GNU make 4.4 (unless more changes) this will work the way it used
to work in GNU make 4.3, BUT you will get a warning saying that your
recipe didn't create one of the files.

The current intent is that in the next release after GNU make 4.4, the
behavior will be switched back to GNU make 4.3.90.  So you should
probably prepare your makefiles appropriately.

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