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Re: [bug #63157] Unlink temporary files.

From: Frank Heckenbach
Subject: Re: [bug #63157] Unlink temporary files.
Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2022 22:49:13 +0200

Paul D. Smith wrote:

> Follow-up Comment #21, bug #63157 (project make):
> The only places leftover files may happen is (a) on Windows, only when (b) you
> kill GNU make with ^C or similar.
> Any other leftover files should not happen.  Please provide details of the
> names of the files that are left over and which circumstances you see them in.
>  We do have tests that verify that temp files are removed so maybe those tests
> are not complete.

I now found a way to reproduce it quite easily on my system.
As I suspected, it seems to be SIGPIPE:

% rm -f /tmp/G*
% cat Makefile
all: ; sleep 1
% make -j2 -O 2>&1 | :
% ls -l /tmp/G*
prw------- 1 frank frank 0 19. Okt 22:42 /tmp/GMfifo370973
-rw------- 1 frank frank 0 19. Okt 22:42 /tmp/GmFkJIuq

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