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Re: GNU Make 4.4 released!

From: KO Myung-Hun
Subject: Re: GNU Make 4.4 released!
Date: Tue, 08 Nov 2022 21:15:27 +0900
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Paul Smith wrote:
> On Mon, 2022-11-07 at 20:40 +0900, KO Myung-Hun wrote:
>> May I take over OS/2 port maintenance ?
>> For this, what should I do ?
>    1. Subscribe to this mailing list and announce your intention to
>       work on this (to prevent possible duplication of effort).

Already done.

>    2. Download the latest release (currently GNU Make 4.4).
>    3. Get it to compile on OS/2 and, if possible, run the regression
>       test suite (if you have Perl on OS/2).
>    4. If you can't run the regression test suite, then generate your
>       own set of tests (for example some other software that you can
>       use GNU Make to build, especially software that makes use of GNU
>       Make features).

I've built successfully with a little changes. I'll try to run
regression test suite later.

>    5. Once you're satisfied that it works properly, post a patch or set
>       of patches for the changes you needed to make to get it working,
>       to this mailing list.
>    6. Likely there will need to be a conversation about the best way to
>       address various issues so be prepared to rework your changes if
>       necessary.

Ok, I'll post later.

>    7. If your changes are at all extensive, you will need to fill out
>       paperwork to assign copyright for your changes to the FSF, and
>       your employer (if they have rights to your work which most do)
>       will need to approve this as well. Contact me to get the needed
>       paperwork.

I have this already for GNU Make.

>    8. Commit to testing and updating the port when new prereleases of
>       GNU Make are announced.
> That's pretty much it.
> You should consider carefully whether it's really worthwhile to make
> this effort. Presumably there is already some version of GNU Make that
> works on OS/2 and can be used there which satisfies all current needs.
> That version obviously will continue to be available: no one is
> suggesting changing published versions.

I know. And I'm already maintaining GNU Make v3.81 for OS/2 at
https://github.com/komh/make-os2. I'll try to merge the patches in there.

> Most of the new features available in GNU Make, such as Guile support,
> dynamic object loading, jobserver, output sync, etc. almost certainly
> can't be made to work on OS/2 and so will just need to be disabled. So
> the question is, is keeping this port up-to-date a good use of
> resources?

I think so. And if some projects requires newer GNU Make, working on GNU
Make at that time needs more resources.

> Of course, only the OS/2 users can answer this question.
> If you decide it is worthwhile, and you have the bandwidth and ability
> to do it, then welcome aboard!

I willing to do.


KO Myung-Hun

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