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Re: [bug #63307] make 4.4 passes ignored SIGPIPE on to children

From: Alejandro Colomar
Subject: Re: [bug #63307] make 4.4 passes ignored SIGPIPE on to children
Date: Wed, 9 Nov 2022 22:58:17 +0100
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On 11/9/22 21:36, Paul D. Smith wrote:
Follow-up Comment #18, bug #63307 (project make):

I can see an argument for both sides ("give up immediately" and "run to
completion").  Most likely it's one of those things where different people
legitimately want different behaviors.

But I think that since all previous versions of GNU Make used the "give up
immediately" model, and it wasn't our intention to specifically change that,
we should preserve that behavior until/unless someone wants the opposite

If we have "give up immediately" and you want to guard against that, you can
do so (say, redirecting output to /dev/null or whatever).  If we have "run to
completion" and that's not what you want, you don't have any way to get "give
up immediately" (unless we introduce an option which I don't want to do).

Not to mention the advantage that it's a much simpler (trivial) change to go
back to "give up immediately" :).

Not that I care about the behavior in this corner case, but was reading the list and thought of this:

You can actually get a rough guess of the intention of the user:

If -i or -k was used, "run to completion" is probably wanted; otherwise, "give up immediately" makes sense as a default.

No need for new flags. Yes, this is reinterpreting the options for more than they were originally purposed, but in my head it makes sense. :)



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