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Re: [PATCH v7 4/8] regex.3: Improve REG_STARTEND

From: Alejandro Colomar
Subject: Re: [PATCH v7 4/8] regex.3: Improve REG_STARTEND
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2023 13:16:13 +0200
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Hi Jakub,

On 4/21/23 12:44, Jakub Wilk wrote:
> * Alejandro Colomar <alx.manpages@gmail.com>, 2023-04-21 12:22:
>> -SHELL := /bin/bash -Eeuo pipefail
>> +SHELL := /usr/bin/env bash -Eeuo pipefail
>> MAKEFLAGS += --no-print-directory
>> This helps in systems where bash(1) is not a system command (probably 
>> MacOS, and maybe others).
> Yeah, but why not use simply
>      SHELL = bash ...
> ?

I couldn't find documentation that guarantees that that should work,
so we used shebang style, which will work for sure.

I CCd bug-make@, in case they can confirm what is safe and what is not.


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