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Re: Problem setting a variable inside a target

From: Martin Dorey
Subject: Re: Problem setting a variable inside a target
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2023 22:02:20 +0000

> The eval statement below highlighted in red is not working

Perhaps you'd expect to see "BADGER is wombat" from:

mad@shuttle:~/tmp/wolf-2023-09-24$ cat Makefile
      $(eval BADGER = wombat)
ifeq ($(BADGER),wombat)
      echo BADGER is wombat
      echo BADGER is not wombat
mad@shuttle:~/tmp/wolf-2023-09-24$ make
echo BADGER is not wombat
BADGER is not wombat

If that wasn't what you were trying to convey, then perhaps you could concoct a similarly small example, including what you typed, what the computer said in response and what your expectation was.

If we look at the results of the first phase of Make described in:

mad@shuttle:~/tmp/wolf-2023-09-24$ make -p nothing 2>&1 | grep -B2 -A1 BADGER
#  File has not been updated.
#  recipe to execute (from 'Makefile', line 2):
      $(eval BADGER = wombat)
      echo BADGER is not wombat


... then we see that the "BADGER is wombat" arm of the conditional is not even there to be run when it comes to executing the recipe in the second phase.  The ifeq was "immediate" but the $(eval) was "deferred".

It's a separate matter, but I fear your second red line might be expecting this behavior:

mad@shuttle:~/tmp/wolf-2023-09-24$ echo *.a2l

... which I doubt you're going to get from find(1):

mad@shuttle:~/tmp/wolf-2023-09-24$ find -name "*.a2l"

From: bug-make-bounces+martin.dorey=hds.com@gnu.org <bug-make-bounces+martin.dorey=hds.com@gnu.org> on behalf of Ed L Wolf <e.l.wolf@cummins.com>
Sent: Sunday, September 24, 2023 10:23
To: bug-make@gnu.org <bug-make@gnu.org>
Subject: Problem setting a variable inside a target
***** EXTERNAL EMAIL *****



I am having some trouble trying to set a variable inside a target. When reading the variable, it comes up blank. Below is my make file code. The eval statement below highlighted in red is not working. Can you provide some assistance please? I am using GNU Make 4.1


$(DIR_A2LGEN_SETUP)/McData-setup.a2l: $(BSW_A2LS)  $(DIR_SCRIPTS)/update_mcdata_a2l.py $(DIR_SCRIPTS)/update_copyright_info.py $(DIR_SCRIPTS)/merge_a2l_files.py $(DIR_TARGET)/$(PROJECT).odx-f $(DIR_A2L)/Merger.ini

            @echo "A2L        $@"


            @rm -rf $(DIR_A2LGEN)

            @rm -rf $(DIR_A2LLOGS)

            @rm -rf $(DIR_A2LGEN_SETUP)

            @rm -rf $(DIR_A2LGEN_UPDATE)

            @rm -rf $(DIR_A2LGEN_MODIFY)

            @rm -rf $(DIR_A2LGEN_CHECK)

            @rm -rf $(DIR_A2LGEN_SUPPLIER)

            @mkdir -p $(DIR_A2LGEN)

            @mkdir -p $(DIR_A2LLOGS)

            @mkdir -p $(DIR_A2LGEN_SETUP)

            @mkdir -p $(DIR_A2LGEN_UPDATE)

            @mkdir -p $(DIR_A2LGEN_MODIFY)

            @mkdir -p $(DIR_A2LGEN_CHECK)

            @mkdir -p $(DIR_A2LGEN_SUPPLIER)



            @find $(DIR_BSWPROJECT) -type f -name "*.a2l" | xargs -i cp {} $(DIR_A2LGEN_SETUP)




#TODO: IS this still needed

            @cp $(DIR_A2L)/_Master*.a2l $(DIR_A2LGEN_SETUP)


            @python $(DIR_SCRIPTS)/update_mcdata_a2l.py $(DIR_A2LGEN_SETUP)


            @python $(DIR_SCRIPTS)/update_copyright_info.py \

        -a $(DIR_A2LGEN_SETUP)/McData.a2l.patched \

        -o $(DIR_A2LGEN_SETUP)/McData-copyright.a2l



            @python $(DIR_SCRIPTS)/merge_two_files.py \

                        -f1 $(CAN_A2L) \

                        -f2 $(DIR_A2LGEN_SETUP)/McData-copyright.a2l  \

                        -sp '/end DAQ'   \

                        -ep '/end IF_DATA'  \

                        -op $(DIR_A2LGEN_SETUP)/McData-copyright-can.a2l


# When there are no supplier a2l files then the merge process doesn't need to be done.


ifneq ($(wildcard $(DIR_SUPPLIER)),)

            @find $(DIR_SUPPLIER) -type f -name "*.a2l" | xargs -i cp {} $(DIR_A2LGEN_SUPPLIER)

            $(eval SUPPLIER_A2l := $(sort $(shell find $(DIR_A2LGEN_SUPPLIER) -type f -name "*.a2l")))

            @echo "A2L        Supplier folder detected"

            @echo "Supplier a2l         $(SUPPLIER_A2l)"



# Just becuase there is a supplier folder does not mean it has a2l files.

ifeq ($(SUPPLIER_A2l),"*.a2l")

            @echo "A2L        Supplier a2l files found"


            @python $(DIR_SCRIPTS)/merge_a2l_files.py \

                        -s $(DIR_A2LGEN_SUPPLIER) \

                        -b a2l_file_list_supplier.opt \

                        -P $(DIR_A2L)/Merger.ini \

                        -M $(DIR_A2LGEN_SETUP)/McData-copyright-can.a2l \

                        -O $(DIR_A2LGEN_SETUP)/McData-setup.a2l \

                        -L $(DIR_A2LLOGS)/Log0-A2LMerger.log \

                        -g $(DIR_BUILDGEN)


            @ASAP2Merger.exe \

                        @$(DIR_BUILDGEN)/a2l_file_list_supplier.opt \

                        > $(subst $(DIR_A2LGEN_SETUP),$(DIR_A2LLOGS),$(@:.a2l=.log)) \

                        || echo "A2L        $(DIR_A2LLOGS)/Log0-A2L-Supplier-Merger.log - Check for warnings/errors!"




            @cp $(DIR_A2LGEN_SETUP)/McData-copyright-can.a2l $(DIR_A2LGEN_SETUP)/McData-setup.a2l

            @echo "A2L        Supplier folder detected but no a2l files present"




            @cp $(DIR_A2LGEN_SETUP)/McData-copyright-can.a2l $(DIR_A2LGEN_SETUP)/McData-setup.a2l

            @echo "A2L        Supplier folder not available"



Ed L Wolf
Technical Advisor - Embedded Software
Cummins Inc.
Mail Code: C7004
1460 National Road
Columbus, Indiana 47201
United States


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