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Re: parted: problem with BR on /dev/hda3

From: Andrew Clausen
Subject: Re: parted: problem with BR on /dev/hda3
Date: Mon, 06 Nov 2000 11:21:52 -0200

Tobias Buchal wrote:
>   Hi Andrew,
>   ok, now I got want you mean and I got a step further (using parted_1.4.3)
>   output is now:
>    |------------------------------------------------------------------------
>    |# parted /dev/hda1 print
>    |Warning: Device /dev/hda1 is neither a SCSI nor IDE drive.
>    |Ignore Cancel ? i
>    |Disk geometry for /dev/hda1: 0.000-1055.219 megabytes
>    |Disk label type: loop
>    |Minor    Start       End     Filesystem  Flags
>    |1          0.000   1055.219  FAT
>    |
>    |# parted /dev/hda1 cp 1 /dev/hde 2
>    |Warning: Device /dev/hda1 is neither a SCSI nor IDE drive.
>    |Ignore Cancel ? i
>    |Warning: Error reading /proc/swaps (No such file or directory) to 
> determine if
>    |partition is mounted.
>    |Fatal: Bad FAT: cluster 12560 is cross-linked for \WINDOWS\WIN.INI
> |----------------------------------------------------------------------------
>    The Warning, might be due to the fact the I am still using Linux 2.0.32.

I seriously doubt it.

>    But both partitions are definitly not mounted.
>    Is there any way to overcome this FATAL error ?

Your file system is corrupted.  Run dosfsck or scandisk.

>   PS: Is this only me, how has so much bad luck with the partitioning stuff ?

No.  Partitioning is horrible, because we have to be compatible with a
lot of poorly designed (well, undesigned) proprietory systems (BIOS,
partition tables, DOS/Windows' FAT, etc).  That's why it's important
everyone tells us when they have problems, so we can try to solve
them for everybody.  So, thanks!

Andrew Clausen

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