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problems with ped_file_system_probe(), etc.

From: Andrew Clausen
Subject: problems with ped_file_system_probe(), etc.
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2000 14:44:54 -0200

Hi all,

We sometimes get problems, when there are two valid signatures for
different file systems on the same partitions.  Eg:

        # mkfs.msdos /dev/hda1
        # mkfs.ext2 /dev/hda1

Gives you 2 file systems with valid signatures.


        (parted) mkfs fat
        (parted) mkfs ext2

In 1.2.X (for fairly large X, IIRC), and 1.4.X causes no problems,
they erase the old signatures.

However, if you use the Linux tools (mkfs.{msdos,ext2}), or Partition
the problems remain.  So, here's my proposed change:

* if ped_file_system_probe() finds >1 fs_type matches, then it raises
an exception "Detected these file systems: X, Y, Z.  This was probably
caused by [long explanation]... You'll be asked, one-by-one, to decide
what it is...".  It then asks, one by one "Is the file system XXX?"
No, Cancel).  If they say "Yes", it does clobber() on the file system,
all other file systems types.

HOWEVER, 1.2.x doesn't have clobber().  So, I should I back-port?
(for Conectiva's MI, which uses 1.2)

* additional addition ;-)
For all fs's that probe()d, attempt an open().  If exactly one succeeds,
then suggest that one.

Andrew Clausen

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