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Problems resizing Win2000 (II)

From: Thomas Roelz
Subject: Problems resizing Win2000 (II)
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2000 18:42:22 +0100

Hi all again,

there is a new cognition related to the problem mentioned in
my earlier mail.

First of all I forgot to say that the file system used was FAT16
(not ntfs) an that scandisk did not report any errors.

Second I was told by somebody knowing that Win2000 has a "new"
feature similar to hard links in Unix. Old Windoze versions only
had kind of symbolic links (foo.lnk) that worked only when 
interpreted by the explorer. Reportedly Win2000 has hard links
(sort of) in the file system (how could that be with FAT16?).
May be that is the cause for all the trouble (still searching).



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