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Parted 1.4.5

From: Andrew Clausen
Subject: Parted 1.4.5
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2000 17:07:41 -0200

Hi all,

Changes (since 1.4.4):
* documented PedConstraint and PedAlignment (doc/API)
* made incompatible change to API: changed ped_constraint_exact() now
a PedGeometry, not a PedPartition (what was I thinking?!)
* the bug fix in 1.4.5-pre3 (wrap-around bug) was wrong.  Fixed properly
* made the FAT16 <-> FAT32 conversion messages more friendly
* ext2_mkfs() now makes sparse file systems by default
* rearranged ext2_mkfs() a bit, and separated generation of the super
* fixed bug in ext2_mkfs(): if there isn't enough room for per-group
metadata in the last block group, then chop it off!
* fixed ext2 bug in ext2_is_data_block() in ext2.h.  I forgot to
endian-awarenize (?) it!!!
* FAT resizer now avoids changing the fat type (FAT16 or FAT32) in
* removed error checking, after the "point of no return" in the FAT
* updated documentation, adding info about FAT16 <-> FAT32, and boot
fat_convert_directory(), when directories have their last cluster/sector
* merged in FAT32 boot loader fix (now copies the "hidden sectors")
* merge FAT fix from 1.2.14-pre1
* Apple_Free partitions have status 0x0 (not 0x33)
* fixed _ext2_get_resize_constraint().  constraint->min_size was
in (ext2) blocks, not 512 byte sectors.  (patch from Matt Wilson)
* commented out "this is not a block device", because it already warns
"this is not SCSI/IDE", etc.
* added another example to the documentation
* made the "unable to align partition" error message a bit more
and allow the problem to be ignored.
* added an assertion to ext2_is_data_block(), to make sure the block
is in the file-system.
* added a note about "make install-libs" for e2fsprogs

Andrew Clausen

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